About me

Hi! My name is Amanda Jane and I live in Minneapolis. I grew up in small town Wisconsin and moved here about 5 years ago. I actually work as a CMA in dermatology. My true love is sewing, though. Since I was a young kid I've been creating things with my hands. I remember taking my red flyer wagon and selling bracelets I made out of it when I was like 12 years old.

In 2019 I needed a new purse. I searched and searched and couldn't find one I liked. So I made one. It had Jeff Goldblum on it and it was glorious. I found that I really liked making purses. I like how it's like putting together a puzzle, and there's steps you need to do before going onto the next step. And then it turns into this beautiful, functional thing. Not long after I made my first purse I purchased an industrial sewing machine. It truly has made sewing so much more enjoyable.

Although I work full time, I am a one-woman show here at Amanda Jane Designs. I put a lot of time, love, and detail into my creations. My true goal is to be out and about somewhere and find someone using a purse I made.